Wednesday 12 July

12 Jul 2017

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Plenty of moisture about after yesterday’s rain, but once the air dried out … it was a super day. Jon & Paul took KA round a 352K task (BRE-MOR-RAG); Dominic did another heroic sortie into Wales, turning Lampeter and Snowdon (300 ish); Julian took Tim Mason down to Westbury, Wiltshire in JF (300K); I did a lap of the Birmingham CTA (362K) in 445; James Moore flew O/R to Corwen.

It was good for wood too! Roger set a 150km task to Carno and Chirk. Bob Sharman did it and tagged a bit more on for good measure; Steve Ward did the Silver/100km double with an O/R to Seighford; Rob Shepherd, likewise, flew the SEI O/R task for a badge bonanza.

We look forward to seeing all these flights (and any I may not have heard about) on the Club Ladder.

Last, but not least, it was a first solo today for Jared Forte.

Congratulations all, Mark