Wednesday Wave?

09 Jan 2017

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Looking very likely for wave on Wednesday (25kt WNW and a good air profile with the required inversion level, windspeed increasing with height, decent cloud base and relatively warm), so we have arranged a winch driver (Orch you’re a star – please bear that in mind if you see him in the bar afterwards!)

The day is really aimed at launching qualified pilots onwards and upwards towards epic adventure – it’s not a circuit day.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO FLY AS P2 it is essential that you LET US KNOW VIA AN EMAIL to well beforehand. We will see what we can do; we have a hatful of Duo’s which may (or may not) have spare seats, and there are of course the K21 and Astir, but we will need to find instructors and we are only going to do that if you tell us that you are intending to be there.

I’d like to be there, but other commitments may get in the way.


(There is a run of westerlies to follow, but these will be much colder and could present a considerably whiter landscape (if you get my, err, drift!!)