Weekend Weather 5-9 Feb

05 Feb 2020

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Thursday 6 Feb – 5kt southerlies, clear and bright. High pressure, low inversion, no lift, the perfect day for getting stuff done, for instance …
A great motor gliding day:
For XC Endorsement: Get that field landing and/or Navigation exercise signed off
Annual field landing checks for low experience XC pilots
Or just head for the hills and enjoy the view!
Annual Check – Remember you can do this up to 90 days before the due date and still maintain the same anniversary date. So if your annual is due before May 6, why not do it now and beat the rush later in the season?
Currency Flights – Not too long to wait until spring. Stay current so you are ready for the spring thermals when they arrive.
(For any of these options, please book at mgcbooking@gmail.com so we can gauge demand sort out additional instructor(s) if required)

Friday 7 Feb – 15-20kt S/SSE with plenty of headroom. Should get a decent launch height as long as there’s not too much E component in it. Cold front moves in and spoils things later, but at the moment that’s not until after dark. Keep an eye on it, but currently looks an OK day.

Saturday 8 Feb – 20-25 SW with headroom. In the gap between two cold fronts. Timing currently looks perfect to get a day out of it before the second front arrives. If the wind forecast veers by another 20 degrees or so it would be a great ridge day too. Worthy of your continued attention.

Sunday 9 Feb – Oooeerrr missus! Currently Armageddon! – rain and 50+kt SW’erlies. I guess it may change, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!

Mark S