Weekend Weather Prospects

12 Apr 2018

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If I was wanting to pick a day to go flying this weekend (and I am!), then that day would be … Saturday – not too hard a decision, since (at the moment) Friday and Sunday appear to be largely unflyable.

Anyway, back to Saturday … Cloudbase gets high enough mid-morning, with a decent afternoon in 10-15SSW.

Excellent for training, early solo, finishing off those annual checks (should be able to get a good high launch to the south, if you need it to finish off your spinning) and just getting airborne / staying current.

Not an early XC kind of a day, but should be a thermic kind of an afternoon, with plenty of opportunity for extended flight.

We have THREE instructors on duty on Saturday, so there should be more than adequate capacity. Booking would be ideal, but otherwise just turn up and surprise us, if that’s the way you roll!

Look out for updates on the WhatsApp group if anything materially changes between now and then, otherwise …

See you there.