28 Apr 2016

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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Midland Gliding Club’s new blog site The Gliding Blog!

Following on from the excellent What Happened Yesterday, this new blog will be your opportunity to keep abreast of what’s happening NOW & what’s COMING UP in the near future, as well as what happened yesterday or last week.

The Gliding Blog will be properly open for business from Monday 2nd May, so look out for the first posts in your inbox.

This has been in development for some time now & I would like to pay tribute to those people who have helped create it, particularly Geoff Minshull who has put countless hours into this together with building our new website. Thank you all.

Your ideas for what you would like to see on here will be gratefully received, along with any other comments you may have about communications & marketing generally. If you don’t wish to share your suggestions publicly, then you can always email me in person at sarah@allvirtuallydone.co.uk

Happy landings, Sarah

Sarah Platt, Marketing