Wenlock Olympian Games – Gliding, 13 -16 July 2020

19 Jan 2020

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Entries are coming in fast now, including some from Mynd members who are proud owners of vintage aircraft.  But don’t forget the club has two K13s and a K8 that are eligible to enter so why not use one of them to have a go.  There is also a T21 though we haven’t yet received an entry for it.  The event is run as a normal competition but inevitably with smaller tasks, even though in lower performance machines they will still be a challenge.  There will be lots of people around so field retrieves should be a doddle.  If you need some cross country or competition experience find a Mynd instructor or competent cross country pilot and book a club machine together and give it a go.  Great way to dip a toe.  For more detailed information go to olympiangliding.com.  And of course a chance to win an Olympian medal for gliding, the only ones available anywhere in the world!

Jon Hall
Competition Director