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26 Mar 2018

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Hi all,

We currently have 42 members signed up to the MGC Flying WhatsApp group so that’s around 42%, as the better weather is fast approaching (honest), signing up to this app will give you the quickest updates on flying at the club as well as other information. Neal blogged the sign up requirements back in January and I have pasted them again for those interested.

I must emphasise that –

A/ You need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone.

B/ You must add your name in the apps status.

C/ You must add a recognisable photograph.


Happy flying



Whats app flying group

This is now working well, and for those who have forgotten the detail I am reproducing the instructions below :-

“The idea is that it will be another way for us to let you know quickly about flying prospects coming up in the very near future, and for you to find out prospects the night before you set out. This is in addition to & will complement the blog. We anticipate that the No 1 may use it the night before (and even from first light on the day maybe!), to say perhaps, “brilliant/busy day, come early”; “low cloud base to begin with, hangar doors will open at …”, “rain predicted all day, don’t bother”, so that (time-poor) members and the duty team may make the best use of their day. If, for you, the Mynd is as much a social club as a flying club (and there are many), then this will probably be of little interest, but as it develops we hope that this may be a useful service for members juggling many demands on their time, to help ensure that their visits to the club are as productive as possible.

If members of our flying community would like to join, obviously you need to have WhatsApp installed on your mobile phone.

For us to add you to the group you need to be in one of the Administrators’ contact lists, so please text “MGC Group request” plus your first and last name (and membership number if known …don’t worry if you don’t know it just say so!) to Rob Shepherd on 07709352826 or to Sarah Platt on 07754070357.

Rob or Sarah will store the contact and add you to the group. By requesting access, you give your consent for MGC to use your name & mobile data for this purpose only. You may withdraw your consent at any time by removing yourself from the group, and also by requesting Rob/myself to remove you from the list of contacts.

All group members should create a (recognisable) photo of themselves in the WhatsApp Settings, together with their name in the About field (where it probably says “I’m using WhatsApp”), so that we can all associate names and faces with the telephone numbers. Also in Settings>Account>Privacy, make sure “Profile Photo” and “About” are set to “Everyone”.