Winter lecture Afandi Darlington AAIB

30 Dec 2019

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I am off to sunnier climes so before I head off I thought I would just blog a reminder about the above. 

Please can you ensure you have this date in your diary, 18 January 

Afandi is a real “Pilot’s pilot” as well as being a senior inspector at the AAIB.  He holds a PPL(A) and is a keen glider pilot.  He holds a first class degree in Aeronautical Engineering and will be covering why the AAIB investigate accidents and serious incidents, the legal framework they operate within and some examples from GA and the commercial world.

Jon Hall points out that Afandi designed the winglets on one of his gliders. 

We are immensely privileged in having such a distinguished speaker and I urge you to come along, support your club, learn more about Aviation and have a flight and meal as well.  What a fantastic day!  The talk will start at 6 and there will be the usual request for contributions.