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26 May 2016

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Well, as Mark predicted, it was a cracking day for some XC flying and a generous offer from Julian soon had the rear seat of JF occupied by John Kingsley. Rob and Mark in their LS’s, Julian and John embarked on a task of  –

Montford Bridge-Shipston-on-Sour-Abergavenny SW-Mynd

Jon and Martin –

Snowdon/ Llangynidr Bridge/Telford East/Mynd but scrapped the Telford bit.

Bob Sharman rigged his K6 and flew to Telford/Worcester and back.

I took two hours heading North East into a 15k+ headwind trying to make Seighford and back for my elusive 50k Silver leg but gave up over Telford as by the time I had made any height gain, I found myself back where I started. A real game of snakes and ladders but by the time I had climbed a ladder, I slid down the snake, the disadvantage of a K6 found, especially when it only took me only 15 minutes to get back over the Mynd with 1875′ in hand!

Dave and Guy were instructing the  folks on the course making good progress, Dave B and Dave W rigged and flew their Astir, Steve Foster flew one of his fleet, Simon and Den took up residence in  a K13 for some instructor instructing!

Steve Male and Diana King went off in the motor floater on another training expedition.

A lovely meal provided by Fay and music in the bar rounded off another great day at the Mynd.

Hopefully some of the bold pilots will add a few photographs as Telford isn’t that pretty, even 4000′ away.