Your committee


So who’s on the committee, and what do they do?


Chairman:  Jon Hall

Operations Director responsible for the day to day running of the club and staffing.

email:  chairman@midlandgliding.club

 WB photo  

Vice Chairman: William Brewis

email: vice_chair@midlandgliding.club

 James Moore  

Treasurer: James Moore

email:  treasurer@midlandgliding.club

 Tim Mason  

Secretary: Tim Mason

email:  secretary@midlandgliding.club


Airfield and grounds: Mark Hollings

Maintenance of the airfield and land.

email:  grounds@midlandgliding.club


Fleet: position vacant

email:  fleet@midlandgliding.club


Buildings: position vacant

email:  buildings@midlandgliding.club

Steve Male  

Chief Flying Instructor:  Steve Male

email:  cfi@midlandgliding.club


Safety officer: Mike Greenwood

email:  safety@midlandgliding.club


Radios, comms and trailers: Bob Sharman

email: fleet_support@midlandgliding.club