Jun 132016

Amy Johnson flying at the Mynd. Great to see how they did things in those days, though not that much seems to have changed. I’m sure some of the members are still here….

Many thanks to http://www.artsalive.co.uk/ for letting us know about the footage.


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  1. And a message from Louis Rotter, a former club member:

    “Espin Hardwick the Founder of the MGC is on in two shots.
    1. Between two glides on the right with specs and a Hitler stash in an raincoat. He was a short hunts back Birmingham Accountant. He paid for the hangar and probably the last one to be seen the steel structure with the present Original paint.
    2. Putting the canopy on a glider, wearing a Afgan type cap and chasing a boy away from the glider.”

    • Great bit of film. Bring back the horse I say!!

      • He was a stockbroker not an accountant. I spotted a Falcon III, a Kite1 and a Tutor (first generation) Wasn’t the horse twanked on the butt by the bungee and ran off. Maybe that was at Sutton Bank!

  2. Whilst there is no doubt at all that Amy Johnson was a member of the gliding club I am a little puzzled by the appearance of the woman in the film. Amy Johnson was in my understanding circa 5`2″ tall, slight of build and died when she was around 37(?) years of age. The woman in the film appears (to my eye) to be well into her forties rather robust of build and considerably taller than 5`2″, unless of course the male members at the time were tiny !

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