Oct 262016

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Tuesday was a quiet, overcast day with little wind, the wind direction fluctuated all day, and set up bits of wave that disappeared as soon as they appeared. Both Duos took a launch but could only stay up for 30 minutes or so.

Wednesday started off dull and a bit rainy, it cleared up but orographic cloud stuck to the mountains all day. 494 took a launch mid afternoon and found come consistent wave around 2 knots that kept us airborne until they wanted to pack the hangar. Usual sunset over Tal y Llyn on the way home

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  1. Well, for once, it was a lot better at the Mynd today. It started off a bit miserable with low, orographic, cloud meaning a late start. But once we got going, the sun came out and there were really strong thermals at times, especially under a stunning cloud street (convergence?) stretching a long way past Bishops Castle. I don’t know what it was like in the late afternoon, if anyone got into wave which seemed to be possible in places.

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