Jan 272017

On the back of our success with a Sport England grant for the new building – the club is going for a Sport England “Small Grant” – around £10,000. This will be for flarms and new radios for the whole club fleet. As before, we have to demonstrate the need and give evidence to support.

In essence we are saying the flarms and radios will be used in x-country coaching – with instructors being in reliable contact with x-c pilots going for e.g. silver badges – and safer flying while doing it because of flarm proximity warnings. You get the picture.

If you could pen a few well chosen words saying why you think such a project is needed – and email me at david.wedlock@live.co.uk

This will provide the “evidence the project needs to happen” in Sport England speak.

I will then cut and past all responses into a single document which goes with the application.

Thanks in anticipation………..Dave Wedlock

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  1. Done and emailed to you.

  2. Extending my capability as a solo pilot going forward to bronze and silver can only be done efficiently and timely by cross country flying. Solo. The need for radio contact here is critical since there is a need for an instructors experience to be made immediately available when height has been lost and there is no prospect of recovery. Here landing choice is important regards safety and crop damage etc. Also sdvice on how to find thermals or lift to stay aloft will ensure a days successful gliding with much needed cross country experience had. If landing outside the airfield glider recovery and location need to be efficiently addressed so radio contact is crucial here since loss of a glider for 2 days whilst it is found or located and retrieved means a loss of opportunity to other members.The club cannot lose an instructor for a whole day with just one pilot. Others need to learn too. This is why efficient radio contact is needed.

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