Sep 022017

Super XC day at the Mynd. Rob(LJ), Darce(288), Mark(445), Neal & Den(KA) , Phil & Dave(FZ) all flew MYN-GBR-KID-CHE-LCL-MYN (327km). More details on the National Ladder.

David Brown completed his 100km Diploma Part 2 with a 127km flight (MYN-WOR-KID-MYN) at 70 kph (78 handicapped) in his Astir – Great flight David!

Tim Brunskill flew a Silver distance flight and got back to the Mynd for a 100km Diploma claim as well – well done Tim!

Lots of club flying too of course under the watchful eye of Roger, Walter and Charles.

What a finish to the (thermal soaring**) season!


** At the Mynd, of course, you can fly ridge and wave all over the autumn and winter months!

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  1. *Saturday 2 September……

  2. The season never ends at the Mynd….Wave season now!!

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