Oct 182017

In a word, GOOD. a WSW 15/20 knts, good wind profile, an inversion sub 3000′ and an approaching front (more of a major weather event) this all adds up to wave. That is bad news for Saturday, but with any luck, a breezy/bungy day on Sunday with a wavey profile but the inversion is higher at 6000′ which is not so good. If for no other reason  you could come and if we don’t fly I can explain why a high inversion is not so good as a lower one. Oh, by the way there should be plenty of pairs of hands as the North Hill mob are here again.

Tuesday was good, short west with wave (Rob got up to 9000′  https://www.bgaladder.co.uk/dscore.asp?FlightID=68706&RC=X) plus when the ridge died and the paragliders were landing ,we, the chairman of the LMSC or Nick as we call him, and myself went ridge running, 8knts or so and we didn’t need the trailer!!


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  1. Dave said “went ridge running, 8knts or so”. Ridge running at 8 knots Dave? I fly my paraglider faster than that.

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