Jan 242018

There is a distinct possibility that we may be able to bungy the K8 on Friday. The BBC are here making a scientific program “beyond bionic gliding”, no idea what that means but it could be fun. So I am looking for able bodied rope pullers, please come along and let me know you are coming, I have visions of being a body short and hijacking the postman!


  3 Responses to “Friday bungy for the BBC”

  1. I’ll be there Dave! 🙂

  2. Hoping to come for the party. Don’t think I qualify anymore as an able bodied rope puller! I could offer genteel encouragement from the sidelines.’ Well done you fellows. Huzzah!’ That sort of thing.

  3. Hi Dave, sorry cannot make it Friday, amongst other things I have got to collect parachutes on Friday!

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