Feb 102020

After a wild Tuesday, Wednesday appears to be the apogee of the week’s weather with 20-25kt on the ridge and useful headroom, following which it is currently forecast to be a slow decline to another wet and windy weekend – deep joy! The weekend’s a long way off in weather forecasting terms, of course, so let’s endeavour to remain optimistic on that one.

Anyhoo, Wednesday is my day of choice, so…

 Is there any interest out there in making a day of it?

I can run the field and instruct. Then we need a winch driver and some “customers”.

If you are up for it, please make yourself known by lunchtime tomorrow and we’ll firm up on a plan.

Cheers, Mark S

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  4 Responses to “Flying Wednesday, anyone?”

  1. Hi Mark,
    There is a slim chance I could make Wednesday PM, but I can’t at this stage give a time.

  2. Good morning Mark

    Good idea to take a chance during these cool Winter days, if you are wiling and able it would be tardy not to join in.


    Peter Clare

  3. I’m a BI from Welland GC and would love a first taste of ridge at your club. Would it be convenient for me to come over tomorrow for a site check?

    Andy Burton
    075 1212 6666

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