Jun 262020

Well you could argue today was a better day with 4kt thermals a higher cloudbase and cumulus, although initially very short lived but later in the afternoon large cells formed and sometimes even worked! So a successful day for some while another had success with a field landing close to Leebotwood and the first for a few years. A good field although the landing run of 170yards made it feel smaller! Thanks to Nick Le Gras for the retrieve.

DSC00895 (Medium) DSC00897 (Medium)

Paul, note the lack of cu!


  3 Responses to “Thursday 25th June”

  1. Does the restriction to sharing cars with only members of the same household no longer apply at MGC ?

    • Mr Randle….You’re out of date mate, you had better bone up on the gov website and the latest information before making crass inaccurate statements on the actions of responsible members of our club.

  2. Michael Randle, what does car sharing have to do with the Midland gliding club? If they did share a car, and who said they did but maybe the taxi driver who picked me up on Saturday was working against Government guidelines but wasn’t and maybe I didn’t sit in the back of the taxi with a mask on……..

    I’m sure they were responsible and stayed as far away from each other to make a safe retrieve.

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