Dec 112020

Let’s do it “old school” from the synoptic chart …

Between occluded fronts at the moment, the second of which clears through overnight, leaving us with different air-mass and a ridge of high pressure for Saturday (=Good, and with a westerly forecast = V. Good), before the next front arrives on Sunday (=Rain=Bad)

The conclusion being, Saturday is the only show in town. Cloud base may be an issue … perhaps. If you are a RASP watcher, don’t be overly influenced by the grey cloudbase line on the Blipspot. That is the height at which cumulus would form, but there is unlikely to be much/any convection tomorrow. Of more value in the winter, is to have a look at the forecast sounding to see at what level(s) the air is fully saturated (Red and blue lines coincident)

Anyway, if you are up for it, booking ( would be in your interest to ensure we have enough instructors to meet the indicated demand. There will be a final weather call and a confirmation of start time at about 8pm tonight, via a note on the Bookings page…

See you tomorrow, hopefully.


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