Dec 142020

We have ruled out Friday because of likely unflyable conditions.

Four bookings each so far for Tuesday and Thursday. We really need a few more bookings to make it viable to open both days, otherwise we will consolidate to a single day.

PLEASE DON’T DELAY… If you are interested in flying (whether solo, P2 or private) tomorrow or Thursday, please email which day(s) you could make to the usual booking address… by 6pm tonight (Mon 14 Dec)

As previously stated, the day(s) will only take place if we have viability, in terms of weather and sufficient attendees, so we will use your responses to help inform our judgement when determining which day(s) to open this week. Final weather/start time call will be made at 8pm the night before. On marginal days we will consult all booked attendees via email for a go/no-go decision. We hope that knowing we are doing our very best to keep you updated, ensuring you get a decent day’s flying with the minimum chance of wasted trips, will enable you to book with confidence.

Mark, Rob & Andy

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