Dave Wedlock

Jan 272017

On the back of our success with a Sport England grant for the new building – the club is going for a Sport England “Small Grant” – around £10,000. This will be for flarms and new radios for the whole club fleet. As before, we have to demonstrate the need and give evidence to support.

In essence we are saying the flarms and radios will be used in x-country coaching – with instructors being in reliable contact with x-c pilots going for e.g. silver badges – and safer flying while doing it because of flarm proximity warnings. You get the picture.

If you could pen a few well chosen words saying why you think such a project is needed – and email me at david.wedlock@live.co.uk

This will provide the “evidence the project needs to happen” in Sport England speak.

I will then cut and past all responses into a single document which goes with the application.

Thanks in anticipation………..Dave Wedlock

Aug 112016

005You’ll have noticed the new building is approaching completion. It was truely a team effort and thanks are due to the following – any I have missed is only because of poor memory.

Paul Fowler – Deeds and site maps

Richard (Spitting Image) Bennet – cash flow forecasts

Nigel Lassiter – Planning site drawings and planning submissions

David Brown – MT plan and electrical fitting

Roger Andrews – Glider workshop plan and fit out

Dave Crowson – Caravan park re-jig and MT shed fit-out and electricals

Matt Cook, Geoff Daley, Steve Rudge – electrical fittings

Steve Alexander – Providing heating system

Contractors – Alan Walker and Richard Hughes – for chucking in a lot of freebies and being flexible

The Committee – for backing it and paying the club’s bit

Others whom I may have missed……….

regards…..Dave W

Jun 062016

For those that haven’t been at the Mynd recently – progress is good. Most of the walls/ cladding is done. Concrete base goes in this week. The following week we hope to have the stud wall up which will divide Roger’s workshop from the MT section. Roger gets an insulated concrete base.

Fingers crossed for continued good weather (for building if not for soaring) ………..regards……….Dave



May 202016

Good progress this week – the weather has been kind. The roof is on and concrete was delivered today for some of the dwarf wall which goes around most of the base – you can just about see the shutters. You can see beside the concrete lorry that the MT section has got a clear span of nearly 10 metres which should allow winches to be reversed in without too much collateral damage!

Looking forward to good progress next week too – should be easier with a roof on. Once the dwarf wall is complete the concrete base can go in. Roger will have insulation under his bit of the base to keep him and Liz cosy in the winter. All the roof and walls are insulated already. Some of the utility trenches have been dug.




May 052016

027The footings were dug today. Concrete will be poured next week and the frame of the building should be up by the end of the week. Since we couldn’t move Dave Crowson’s caravan we moved the building a few inches 🙂