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30 May 2019

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Hello again from sunny Spain.  Sunny it may be but warm it isn’t, with constant northerly winds keeping temperatures probably lower than at home.  We have however managed to fly on most days in a mixture of thermal and wave.  Yesterday was a very good wave day with entry points in all the classic places and easy climbs to at least 15000′.  But the rotor was exciting!  JF and 291 went about 125k east in the wave while T1, the Fly-Pyr Duo, with Neal and myself in it, went west and north to explore.

IMG_3580photo by Julian Fack



We are hosting the event at the Mynd weekend after next.  Rob and Mark are running the show.  Dominic Haughton is Pundit, Dave D’Arcy is Intermediate and Matthew Cook is Novice.  We are expecting four teams in total, us, Aston Down, Shobdon and Nympsfield.  We could do with help on the ground so if you are interested in helping out and finding out how the comp works this is your opportunity.  You can find out more about the competition here.

Your duty teams this weekend are:

Guy Hartland (No 1, Paul Fowler (No 2), Matthew Cook (No 3), Charles Page (LD)
Simon Adlard (No 1), Alan Swan (No 2), Dave D’Arcy (TLs), Guy Hartland (winch), Liz Adlard (LD)

Happy landings
Jon Hall