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30 Aug 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future.

This week

Task week

Unusually we had bad weather this task week,  however in spite of this we managed some amazing tasks and a well-deserved winner Mark Williams.   I thought it might be nice to have the thoughts of Hazel Turner of control who was the voice of reason and the most experienced member of the team:-

“I’m not the world’s best person at coping with change. Task week without JP – unthinkable. Perhaps it was time for a change in control too – a clean sweep. I was persuaded otherwise and tried to embrace the change. However, I missed you JP and your familiar way of doing things. But despite the different format and the less than ideal weather task week took place, people flew and do you know what, they enjoyed themselves.  As the newer members were full of enthusiasm to fly when the more experienced ones were lethargic, FVP won!!! Well done Mark.

Some of the new system baffled me but anyway we had a good time flying most days – but its not all about flying, the social life and the music is worth coming for.

Steve, Simon and Mark did a very good job of running it, although it must have been difficult as they hadn’t done it before and the weather didn’t help.

Please, please come and join us next year. Put it in your diary NOW, it’s always the week in August that ends with the bank holiday. Believe me, the voice of experience, the more gliders that enter the more fun is had, the atmosphere in the bar after a good cross country day is buzzing. It really doesn’t matter what level you are at, there are always seats in two seaters with experienced pilots

Come and join us.

You won’t regret it.”


Lost Property (literally)

A tent has been captured in the campsite area and moved to the old MT shed ready to be skipped.  It is not in very good condition as someone has cooked in there and melted the material in places.  If its yours then please could you collect it and dispose of it,  waste disposal is expensive for the club just ask the treasurer and watch the explosion.  We will only keep it for another month.

Autumn projects

Water supply

In addition to the fabulous flying and instruction at the Mynd, we also benefit from good facilities, and famous catering and hospitality. That does rely on such mundane services such as water, and most members will know that the Mynd has its own spring and off-grid water supply system. That system is in constant need of repair and maintenance, and in the background to the flying a number of jobs are being carried out to ensure its continued reliability. Steve Rudge has already done a brilliant job on the electrics in the West Ridge Water Pump House and Denise has been burying the main water supply line. The next major job, planned by Roger and Dave, is to replace the large water header tank, in the hangar and above the clubhouse East wall. It is a BIG job and because it requires the hangar to be completely empty it is best to do it in dry weather (i.e. summer / early autumn) so that the gliders can be emptied out onto the field.

Roger/Dave have not confirmed an exact date to do the work but please be aware that during the tank replacement, which will probably take 1-2 days, the potable water supply will be limited, although the water supply to the toilets will be maintained. Volunteers to help with the preparation, clearance, heavy lifting and other miscellaneous jobs will be welcome, and there is even a job for someone with just writing skills.

Please contact me if you are able to help, and we will communicate when the date is confirmed.

Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:  Nigel Lassetter, Geoff Dailey, Dave d’Arcy

Sunday:  Simon Adlard, Matthew Cook, Geoff Dailey, William Brewis

Forthcoming events


There will be a large “fly in” this weekend so please ensure when you are gently cruising up and down the ridge that you give them plenty of space.

Your Club needs you – can you help?

As part of the club’s continuing recruitment drive we will be taking a stand again at the Oktoberfest in Shrewsbury. It runs from 5th-7th October and we will be taking a glider. It was great fun last year and we gained a substantial number of new members, enquiries and trial lessons.

This is a call for volunteers to help out on that weekend! If you can help at all, (even for a few hours), please can you let Sarah know asap on or 07754070357. Many thanks!

Andy Holmes Birthday

Andy will be celebrating his 40th on the 15th of September and he has already issued an email to that effect.  Just a reminder, we can only accommodate so many so if you would like to eat then please let Fay know in the kitchen as soon as you can the list is filling up fast.