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18 Jan 2018

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Hi everyone,  this is the regular Thursday posting to let you know what is coming up in the near future and the highlights of the last committee meeting.

This week.

Roof on Old MT shed

Our thanks to Richard Bennett who has clambered up the old MT shed roof and cleared the gutter.  This gutter was last cleared in 1934 and has caused us flooding problems ever since.  The next step is to improve the lighting in the old workshop and then we can use it for members trailer maintenance.

Road Tarmac

We were made an offer we couldn’t refuse on tarmac for the road so we bit the bullet and have had 3 areas covered in tarmac.  It isn’t the total solution to the problems of the road but we do hope and believe it will go a long way to alleviating it.

Mains Electric

Our mains electric installation is extremely old and as those of you who came to the members evening will be aware, unreliable.  You will notice a brand new large box outside the kitchen and this houses our new installation which we desperately hope will be more reliable than the old one.

National Trust talk

Patrick from the trust gave us a wonderful talk about the Mynd, and, at last we know who owns the horses!  He has promised to do the same again next year and I really recommend you come along.

The Juniors are coming!

Feb 3rd and 4th weekend. We will be hosting the juniors again. It is always a great pleasure to do this so please make them welcome.

Skylaunch winch

We have ordered the work on enhancing the winch. The engine is on its way from America and then Skylaunch will fit it. Once that is complete we will commission the servicing of the other winch.

Calling all Juniors.

the Air League Scholarships are closing on the 26th January and if you apply now you stand a very good chance of getting one,  very worthwhile.  Look at the link below


Your team this weekend is:

Saturday:  Allan Reynolds, Simon Adlard and Dave d’Arcy

Sunday:  Mike Greenwood, Simon Adlard, Tony Dietrich

Forthcoming events

Winter talks

Denise has worked out a superb schedule for this winter’s lectures. They usually start at 18:00 unless otherwise stated and if we have a speaker then we do ask for a small donation on the night to cover their expenses.  Book the date,  have a few flights, enjoy the talk then have a superb evening meal.

January 27  – Euroglide. Julian Fack and Diana King have very kindly offered to talk to us about Euroglide.  This is a unique and fascinating event and I urge you to come along and be inspired. Please note that this talk will start at 17:45  

March 10 – Hugh Browning the BGA safety wizard.  Please ensure that this is in your diary.  For those of you who haven’t heard Hugh speak before it is essential listening and for those that have heard him before, even more so.  This is the perfect start to our season,  we want to keep safe and Hugh’s analysis and insight will help us do that.

Highlights of the last committee meeting

We will be making improvements to the water supply this year including replacing the tank and securing the pump room.

Our price rises this year will be at the minimum we believe is sustainable to allow us to replace some (but not all) of our ageing kit. 

The Agm this year will be on the 24th of March.

The budget for the next 12 months was agreed,  each major area has a budget and we believe that with the predicted reserves we can replace the twin Astir with a 60 – 75k 2 seater glider.

We have received  the final quote from Skylaunch to upgrade the broken winch to an 8.2 engine and we are commissioning the work.  As soon as it is done we will commission the servicing of the other winches.

We have had little interest in the Discus over the winter and, taking into account the desire of the members to have access to glass single seaters we will add it back to the insurance and fly it.  In the meantime we are still trying to sell it and we are seeking a cheaper, fixed wheel single seater.

The insurance claim for EVV has not yet been settled there has been a delay whilst waiting for paperwork.

Health and safety:  we have been working hard on improving the club to match the desired fire safety requirements.  We are continuing to work on this with our priority always being protecting people

Old MT shed:  the gutter has been cleared (see blog above).  We intend to use it as a trailer facility for members with improved lighting

Membership: The initiatives have generated 60 prospects and 10 leads who we are actively chasing to convert to members.

Business rates: we continue to work with the BGA on this.  It is a complex issue and Charles and the BGA are progressing a clear plan to get us into a good state to appeal

Access road: we have taken advantage of a one off offer and have applied tarmac to the critical areas of the road.

GDPR:  John O’Reilly has a firm grip on this and has produced a clear plan on what has to be done to ensure we are compliant by May.

CFI report:  there has been so little flying in December that there is nothing to report!!  We had a safety review with the BGA and as a result members will see a regular CRFI newsletter, on line incident reporting and improved resource links for instructors on the web site.