Resources and downloads


Resources and downloads

The following links are to resources mainly intended for instructors but which will be useful for all pilots. Click on the PPT (MS Powerpoint) links to download for offline viewing. Other links are to third party resources to be viewed online.

Covid-19 Resources

Powerpoint resources

How to winch safely (BGA training videos)

Field landing videos

This is a series covering all aspect of field landings, sponsored by the Ted Lysakowski Trust, and created by www.wjpmedia.com. They are split into separate videos to allow for better, HD, display (in line with YouTube settings).

 Other resources

Corona Lectures

These are a mix of PowerPoint presentations and recordings of the lectures as mp4 files.  The mp4 files sometimes require you to click on them, then nothing happens, close the browser and do it again and it will load.  You have to click the start arrow at the bottom.

Various videos