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03 Feb 2023

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I was looking for something to do to take my mind off work for a whole day.

Jon Hall – Museum Exhibition Designer and Company Director (retired)

I was two years into starting a business and just seemed to be working all the time.  I was looking for something to take my mind off work for a whole day.  Working at home one day to finish a report I stopped for coffee just as a free copy of Readers Digest dropped through the letter box.  Leafing through it I came across a five-page article by the British Gliding Association.  I read every word then rang them saying: “I want to learn to glide.  Where should I go?”  At the time my nearest gliding club was in Manchester and I rang and signed up straight away.  But it had its drawbacks and I wasn’t progressing as quickly as I would like.  On asking one of the instructors what I should do, he said: “Sign up for a course at the Midland Gliding Club.  That is where we all go”.

I did and I am still here 36 years later.  In that time I have spent a lot of it on the committee or helping it, I have been Chairman for a number of years, and am now President of the club.