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17 Jan 2019

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Hi everyone, this is your regular Thursday Chair’s Blog to let you know what is going on this weekend and in the near future.
Interesting trying to make sense of the weather this coming weekend when RASP tells me it will be a strongish westerly on Saturday going northerly and strengthening on Sunday.  The BBC on the other hand say Saturday will be a light easterly going northerly on Sunday but staying fairly light.  So they do agree on one thing.  However they both forecast it being very cold and there was snow and ice on the hill today so maybe best to check the WhatsApp feed in the morning to see if the roads are passable.  You can always walk up from Asterton and its usually possible in all condirions.  It generally takes 20 minutes if you are reasonable fit.  If in doubt call the office or club phones.

Getting things done around the club
We all know there are lots of little jobs around the club that need doing all the time, from running repairs to cutting the grass, from painting the clubhouse to keeping the place clean and tidy.  As Chair I would love to be able to pay professionals to do these jobs for us but unless you all want the subs to go up we have to do them for ourselves.  So please have a look at the list on the wall when you are at the club and not flying for any reason and give a bit of your time to support the very many other people who volunteer time and effort to be instructors, winch drivers and committee or working group members.

Winter Lecture Series
Unfortunately Andy Perkins, Chair of the BGA, cannot make it on the 9th of February as planned.  We are trying to get him back in October instead and may be able to get a replacement from the BGA for the February date.  Watch this space for further news or the events pages on the club website at

Summer Course Dates
The course dates for 2019 are filling up quickly Remember that members receive a 50% discount on the course fee, so if you want to book in some days with our professional instructors to progress your flying, contact Martin this weekend and book some dates. You can see full details by downloading the courses leaflet (and can even pre-book your chosen dates) here:

CFI’s Get Checked Week
takes place from 13th to 22nd April.  Details on the website at

Cross Country Development Week
takes place from 7th to 12th May.  See for details.

Flarm Obstacle Database for the UK and Ireland Released
Following many requests from the UK GA community, FLARM has today released the first ever additional obstacle database, compatible with all FLARM collision avoidance systems. The obstacle database was previously only available to pilots in the Alps region. From today, pilots in the British Isles with a FLARM collision avoidance system can benefit from the same safety benefits as their alpine peers.
The new database has been built in-house and compiled from several different sources to maximize the available coverage. It contains over 10,000 obstacle elements, including masts, power lines and wind turbines.
FLARM has seen a rapid increase in its UK user base in 2018, today being predominantly installed in powered airplanes and helicopters. Over 35,000 aircraft have a FLARM system installed, of which over 7,000 in the UK.
The new obstacle database for UK and Ireland is available for purchase at The price is € 35, but FLARM is giving away a € 10 discount during the introduction. Users have until March 31 to get the obstacle database for only € 25, by using the coupon code PULLUP2019 during the checkout.

Weekend Teams
The teams this weekend are:
Saturday Simon Adlard (No 1 and Motorglder), Stephen Alexander (winch), Liz Adlard (LD)
Sunday  Chris Alldis (No 1), Charles Carter (TLs), Stephen Alexander (winch) Glyn Macarthur (LD)