Let me introduce you to your instructor

We have the following categories of instructor:

  • Full Instructor, who run the field and can perform tests;
  • Assistant Instructor, who can train and coach from beginner to advanced;
  • Basic Instructor who can introduce people to the basics of flight and offer some experience on the controls;
  • Introductory Flight Pilot, who can take people for a flight and give them a taste of the air from a glider pilot’s point of view but the student cannot handle the controls except to follow through.

All of our instructors are trained and approved by the British Gliding Association.

Rating Name  
Chief Flying Instructor:


Steve Male

(also a motor glider instructor)

Steve Male
 Instructor (Full):
Simon Adlard

(also a motor glider instructor)

Chris Aldis
Roger Andrews 2c8fd0_766ac651210d4a06beca9cb160aa4624.jpg_srb_p_1140_855_75_22_0.50_1.20_0
William Brewis
Neal Clements NC 4
Clive Crocker
David Crowson
Paul Fowler
Rob Hanks rob hanks
Guy Hartland
Alasdair Lewis
Alan Swan

(also a motor glider instructor)

Mike Witton  _MG_0164
 Instructor (Assistant):
Walter Baumann
Matt Cook
Nigel Lassetter
Steven Lewis stephen_lewis
 Mark Sanders  MarkSanders
 Instructor (Basic):
Charles Carter bbc-at-the-mynd
Denise Hughes DSCF1773 (1024x768)
Allan Reynolds
 Introductory Flight Pilot:
 John Randall
Tim Mason